Brooke Celia Hall

California State University, Northridge
Trustee Emeritus Murray L. Galinson Scholar

Brooke Hall
I have succeeded by maintaining a positive outlook, always striving for a life with purpose, and never giving up, even in the face of adversity.

​​Brooke Celia Hall has never given up hope. She persevered through the loss of her father at the age of seventeen and the recent death of her brother. Her grief could have diverted her path, but she refused to give up on her journey. She continues to love, learn and see the intrinsic value of being of service.

In 2009, Brooke graduated with a bachelor's in psychology from UC Berkeley and she continues her education at California State University, Northridge pursuing her master's degree in social work.

Brooke interned at Jewish Family Services in Ventura County, where she worked with diverse populations, ranging from homeless individuals to children diagnosed with autism. She volunteers with Sober College, mentoring young adults struggling with drug addiction. Brooke is a lifetime member of Psi Chi National Honors Society and has been accepted into Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work.

​Brooke plans to continue to provide a sense of hope for every person she has the privilege to work with, and effect change individually and on the societal level.