Amanda Lutje

California State University, Monterey Bay
Chancellor Emeritus Charles B. and Catherine ​Reed Scholar

Amanda Lutje
I went from hoping only to graduate to seeing myself actually contributing to the field in higher education.

Despite doubting her ability to succeed in college, Amanda Lutje enrolled at California State University, Monterey Bay and majored in math. With the support of professors and classmates, Amanda has excelled in her studies and made the dean’s list each semester.

Motivated by a concern for the environment, Amanda has led the university’s Garden Club for two years. The club grows food, organically and sustainably, by students and for students. She is also an officer in the Food Advocates for Real Meals Club, which works to get local and sustainable food on campus. Even her part-time job sustains the environment—she works in the campus nursery, helping to grow plants that are used at local restoration sites.

Amanda aspires to earn a master’s degree and then teach math, so that she may help students to realize their own abilities and what they can achieve.