Devin Schumacher

California State University Maritime Academy
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

Devin Schumacher
I chose engineering as my major to challenge myself and to make a positive contribution to society.

​​​Devin Schumacher never thought much about college until he met with his high school counselor. As a previously uninspired high school student, Devin realized he needed to make significant changes in his approach with academics and extracurricular activities in order to be admitted into college. He made those changes. Today, Devin is an undergraduate at the California Maritime Academy majoring in mechanical engineering while also pursuing a Coast Guard third assistant engineer's license.

At the Cal Maritime, Devin's interest to become a better public speaker led him to be the president of the Toastmasters Club. In his spare time, he volunteered in the community by renovating houses, working with children and serving food to the elderly. Even with significant demands on his time, he manages to maintain an overall GPA of 3.89. Devin is planning to use his college degree and license to make a positive impact in the maritime industry.