Stephen Lang
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Stephen Lang
California Maritime Academy

Stephen Lang began college in 2001 and only finished one semester when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 motivated him to enlist in the military. Choosing country over self, Stephen served six years of active duty in the Air Force, providing logistical support for missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea.

Transitioning from active-duty military to student was difficult. It was a month after his first semester at California Maritime Academy before Stephen began receiving his G.I. benefits. In the interim, Stephen and his wife barely averted homelessness by living in a cheap motel.

Stephen is beginning his senior year majoring in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in energy systems. He continues to work weekends as a master sergeant in the Air Force Reserve, managing weapons-related logistics in the Asia-Pacific Theater. Despite this heavy commitment, he still maintains a 3.75 GPA. Stephen plans to enroll in a graduate program to enrich his knowledge in the conversion of energy systems.