Heather Valenova Dayag

​​California State University, Long Beach​
Trustee Emerita Claudia Hampton Scholar

Heather Valenova Dayag
My strength increases when it is challenged by those who try to stop me.

​​After witnessing her grandmother's sudden illness and death, Heather Valenova Dayag discovered her passion in healthcare and research. Heather dedicated over 4 years as a hospital volunteer, gaining an understanding of human development and healthcare administration. Interactions within healthcare piqued her creative and analytical skills.

Heather's inquisitiveness led her to become a senior laboratory coordinator and research assistant at California State University, Long Beach, where she studied parent-child, student-teacher and patient-physician interpersonal relationships. Heather also conducted clinical research on patient-reported outcomes at the University of California, Irvine. Heather has presented her research at local and national conferences. Her work led to the development of programs for nonprofits in higher education and public health policy. Heather's achievements were acknowledged by the California State University, Long Beach Community Engagement Awards, Sally Casanova Scholarship, Phi Delta Gamma, Exemplary Leadership Awards and President's Academic Honors.

Heather is currently a California Pre-doctoral Fellow, pursuing a master's degree with an emphasis on medical education. She plans to obtain a doctorate degree to further her studies in effective clinical teaching practices.