Luis Antezana

California State University, Los Angeles
TELACU Scholar

Luis Antezana
I believe these leadership positions reflect my desire to help others and reaffirm the importance of my community service work...

​​Luis Antezana is a fourth-year political science major and English minor at California State University, Los Angeles. Raised in Los Angeles, his recent discovery of being undocumented has strengthened his passion to fight for economic, social, and environmental justice in low-income communities. He is currently the Vice President for Academic Governance for Associated Students, Inc. and serves as the chair of the shared governance committee and leads the Cabinet of Academic Senators. He is also a proud member of Students United to Reach Goals in Education (SURGE), where he organizes educational and empowering events around undocumented students and social justice. In his spare time, Luis enjoys playing the guitar, reading literature, and writing poetry.

​In the future, he hopes to go to UCLA School of Law and continue to serve his community through public office in city hall and eventually as the mayor of Los Angeles.