Julia Jones

​Humboldt State University​
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

School gave me goals to focus on instead of the problems that I had no real control over.

Julia Jones always found education to be a way to escape financial issues or stress at home. A member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe who has lived in the Hoopa Valley all her life, she was proud that her high school GPA never dropped below 3.00. Over time, she realized school was more than an escape—it was a way for her to help her family and community.

Today, Julia is a double major in sociology and Native American studies, with an emphasis in law and government.

These overlapping interests inspire her to apply to law school focusing on Native American law, or to earn a master’s degree in counseling, both paths that will lead her back to helping her community. She aims to work with adolescents who grow up in high-risk areas for alcohol and drug abuse.

Julia is interning with the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s tribal attorney and helped young children at the ​tribal elementary school with their schoolwork.