Matthew Kessler

​California State University, Fullerton
Wells Fargo Scholar

Looking back on the trial and tribulations that have almost derailed me from my education plan, I feel grateful for everything that I’ve had the opportunity to take part in."

Matthew Kessler’s college experience is one of success after transitioning back to civilian life after service in the U.S. Marines. Matthew served with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, as an infantryman in combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2. Although he made it through his enlistment without any physical harm, Matthew soon realized he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Initially wanting to become a nurse, Matthew is currently studying broadcast journalism at California State University, Fullerton after earning associates degrees in communications and biology from Golden West College. At Cal State Fullerton, Matthew has dedicated much of his time to volunteering at the Titan's Television Studio and is a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda honors society.

Matthew hopes that one day he will again serve his country by positively contributing to ethical journalism and making a difference in someone else’s success.