​​Angelica Gurrola
Angelica Gurrola

California State University, East Bay
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

Growing up in a low-income household taught me the importance of being resourceful and seizing opportunities.

Angelica Gurrola is a first-generation student who has faced many challenges. She attended three different high schools, which made it difficult to establish resources and support systems along the way. She's had to rely on herself to navigate the college admission process as well as figure out how to finance her education.

Angelica is a graduate student at Cal State East Bay, majoring in business administration, and a compliance analyst. She has an interest in human capital, which stems from her experience as a resident assistant, and a passion for helping and collaborating with others.

Additionally, Angelica has served as an orientation staff member and administrative student clerk and currently works as a graduate student assistant in the Office of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities. She also cares for her parents while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. Angelica plans to put her degree and experiences to use by working as a chief human resources officer at a consulting firm.​