Courtney Sage Silver

​California State University, Chico​
Trustee Emeritus Murray L. Galinson Scholar​

Courtney Sage Silver
Many people dream of being a great scientist. For me, it is my destiny.

Courtney Sage Silver was in the third grade when she realized she wanted to become a scientist. However, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and a painful autoimmune disorder presented extreme difficulties in keeping up in school, work and life. Despite these challenges, Courtney earned her bachelor's degree in biological sciences from California State University, Chico in 2014 and is now a graduate student majoring in biological sciences with a 4.0 GPA.

Courtney has also poured her heart and soul into making the campus more sustainable. She has organized green events that have reached more than 15,000 people. She has spoken at five sustainability conferences, contributed to the university's sustainability policies and worked on programs that helped California State University, Chico receive national recognition. Upon completing her master's degree, Courtney plans to pursue a doctoral degree, become a professor and researcher, and continue her passion of studying amphibians.