Aurelia Nahue​​
Aurelia Nahue

California State University Channel Islands
Santé Health System Scholar

I aspire to be able to work in the health care field and make a difference in how people with disabilities are treated.

Since the age of six, Aurelia Nahue has served as a caretaker for her two disabled parents; one is deaf and mute and the other blind and hard of hearing. She helps them fill out important paperwork, acts as a translator and takes them to appointments. Due to the limited income her parents received from the government, Aurelia struggled financially to fund her education.

Undeterred and ever the optimist, Aurelia says assisting her parents inspired her to want to help others. She currently attends CSU Channel Islands as a sophomore pre-nursing major, where she received Semester Honors for fall 2020. She also lends her services as a volunteer at Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Aurelia's goal is to obtain a degree in nursing and be able to financially support her parents. Her dream job would be working at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Above all, she plans on giving back to others the way others have helped her parents.