Yuri Madenokoji

​San Francisco State University
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Scholar

I have healed myself enough to be able to express and own my voice with confidence.

Yuri Madenokoji is an aspiring educator with a passion for social justice. As a survivor of sexual violence, she is committed to helping young people unlearn the oppressive thinking and behaviors that normalize violence.

With an extensive background in women’s and ethnic studies, Yuri is continuing her graduate studies in education at San Francisco State. She maintains a 3.96 GPA and has been awarded the university’s graduate Distinguished Achievement Award.

Yuri co-taught a course in Asian American studies at San Francisco’s Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School in preparation for a career as an educator. Her own classrooms will continue to be guided by a feminist pedagogy and an emphasis on works by postcolonial writers and writers of color.

She volunteers with Hospice East Bay and sings with the Living Room Choir, which allows her to practice active listening and compassion as well as to infuse her life with creativity and joy​.