Lauren Werner
Lauren Werner

​Humboldt State University
Michael A. and Debe Lucki Scholar

Every human merits respect and equality, to feel loved and full of purpose.

The majority of Lauren Werner’s life was sporadic and unstable. Growing up in foster care, she lived in more than 40 different locations. She spent her first years of college intermittently homeless and debilitated by a serious accident and a toxic relationship.

Now a junior at Humboldt State University, she is majoring in international studies with an emphasis in global culture and a minor in political science.

Over the past year, Lauren has led workshops, worked in focus groups and spoken at a youth empowerment summit advocating for foster youth resources. She traveled to Guatemala to deliver medicine, clothes and supplies to orphanages and homes of children in need. In her spare time, she continues to volunteer and provide support services to current and former foster youth.

Through education, Lauren was able to find a sense of hope, belonging and identity. After completing a bachelor’s degree, she plans to work to help others and strengthen her community.​