Jeff Jaureguy
Jeff Jaureguy

​California State University San Marcos
Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Scholar

This sense of universal responsibility that I learned is what motivates me to succeed.

Although Jeff Jaureguy has struggled with anxiety, depression and ADHD throughout his life, he refuses to let these learning differences impact his scholarly pursuits. Jeff has completed more than three years of original scientific research and presented it at 10 nationally recognized conferences and universities. ​​

​​He was recently accepted into a summer research program at the University of California, San Diego, to study machine learning with applications in bioinformatics. Jeff has also helped raise funds for children in Nepal and contributed to many local community events.

​​When he’s not helping his community, Jeff can be seen in his lab coat completing research at California State University San Marcos as he seeks to understand the effect of climate change on local ecosystems and gain a deeper understanding of population genetics. As a Basque Hispanic man, Jeff wants to work toward increasing diversity in the sciences.

Jeff plans to pursue a doctorate in bioinformatics with an emphasis in machine learning to solve issues related to bio-medicine.​​​