Emeseb Tabor
Emeseb Tabor

​California State University, Sacramento
Trustee Wenda Fong and Daniel Fetterly Scholar

I have a passion to help those who may fall short of achieving their goals through no fault of their own, but only due to their immigration status.

​​Born in Ethiopia, Emeseb Taddele Tabor immigrated to Poland as a child and then to the U.S. as a high-schooler. She raised two children while working and pursuing higher education, but her biggest struggle was finding employment opportunities despite racial discrimination. Through it all, she remained positive while overcoming every obstacle that came her way.

​​At California State University, Sacramento, Emeseb earned her bachelor’s degree in child development and is now pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. She also served as an intern at the university’s Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services, where she started a parenting group, created the Refugee & Immigrant Students’ Empowerment organization to provide resources, support and mentorship and volunteers at the Ethiopian Community Center.

Serving others gives Emeseb the knowledge, skills and courage to become a voice for those who might otherwise fall short of achieving their dreams. After completing her master’s degree, she plans to achieve her own dream of becoming a counselor​​​.