Corey Tondreau
Cory Tondreau

​California State University, Chico
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

My passion for research continues to grow and flourish, alongside my passion for teaching and being an advocate for underprivileged students.

Cory Tondreau has struggled with a lifetime of poverty, abuse, sexual assault, homophobia and mental health challenges. After failing out of college her first year, she worked hard to make her dream of earning a degree become a reality.​​

In 2016, Cory graduated with honors from California State University, Chico, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. A first-generation college graduate, she is now pursuing a master’s in psychological science.​​

After excelling during her first semester of the master’s program, Cory accepted a position as lab coordinator in the Chico State Learning Cognition and Instruction Research Laboratory. In 2017, she received a prestigious research fellowship at Technische Universität Dresden in Germany. While maintaining a 3.9 GPA, she furthered her research in cognition, learning and instruction, and she served as a peer mentor and advocate.​​

Cory plans to pursue a doctorate in educational psychology so that she can become a researcher and professor to help others attain their educational dreams.​​​