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Our courageous students, remarkable faculty, and renowned alumni are living proof of the transformative impact that comes from access to​ a California State University education.

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"I would not be an effective teacher without the things I learned at CSU San Marcos."

Elliott Powell | Alumni | San Marcos

"Because of the opportunities the CSU afforded me, I’ve accomplished far more than I ever thought I could."

Jeremy Villanueva | Alumni | Bakersfield

"The CSU Changed My Life. Now I’m Making Memories for Families."

Darrell Jodoin | Alumni | Fullerton

“I truly learned to be a leader during my time at Humboldt State.”

Sofia Pereira | Alumni | Humboldt

“San Francisco State is a diverse place in thought and ethnicity.”

Vincent Matthews, Ed.D. | Alumni | San Francisco

“Fresno State is an important part of our community; it’s where our future community leaders are being formed.”

Kim Ruiz Beck | Alumni | Fresno

 “It was at the CSU that I started believing I could make a difference.”

Gabriel Smith | Alumni | Pomona

“CSU Dominguez Hills empowered me.”

Lois Lee, Ph.D., J.D. | Alumni | Dominguez Hills

“Higher education is the key to success and the well-being of a community.”

Daniel Hahn | Alumni | Sacramento

“My involvement in the cultural revolution started on the San José State campus.”

Luis Valdez | Alumni | San José

“It was when I went to Cal State LA that everything exploded for me.”

Kent Twitchell | Alumni | Los Angeles

“At the CSU I learned how to become a better, smarter leader.”

Tam Nguyen | Alumni | Fullerton

“Cal Poly San Luis Obispo provided me with the opportunities to do the things I had dreamed of doing.”

Victor Glover | Alumni | San Luis Obispo

“Sonoma State represented this amazing opportunity for me to start thinking about diversity, bias awareness and inclusion.”

Sandra Jackson-Dumont | Alumni | Sonoma

“If I hadn’t taken that first internship, I wouldn’t be out here in the fields as my own boss.”

Juan Perez | Alumni | Monterey Bay

“The work I did at the CSU prepared me to handle whatever job I got.”

Salam Ali | Alumni | Chico

“Getting a college degree was the best way I could help other patients going through cancer treatment have the same success I’d had.”

Clayton Treska | Alumni | San Diego

“I was trying to rehabilitate my life and the CSU gave me access to opportunity and a new way of living.”

Tracey Helton Mitchell | Alumni | San Francisco

“As a nurse, I have a duty to advocate for social justice.”

Gabriel Guillén | Alumni | Channel Islands

"My obsession is to transform generations, not just lives."

Muhammed Chaudhry | Alumni | San José

"I’m an educator who just happens to be an elected official."

Robert Garcia | Alumni | Long Beach