CSU NSF IUSE Program Exemplars


  • Helpful words from an NSF IUSE program officer
  • Cutting-edge research funded by the NSF IUSE program
  • Exploring the deep sea and discovering geoscience career opportunities
  • Chemical education student research
  • Development of student scientific reasoning abilities using an online resource
  • Community transformations through online resources and communities
  • Use of evidence-based strategies to investigate student success


Pushpa Ramakrishna, National Science Foundation, An Invitation to Engage in Undergraduate STEM Education at NSF
Anthony Rathburn, CSU Bakersfield, Using Marine Science Research Experiences on Land and at Sea as Gateways to Geoscience Careers
Resa Kelly, San Jose State, Exploring How Students Compare Conflicting Atomic Level Animations of Chemical Reaction Events
David Brookes, Chico State, Can Physics Students Develop Scientific Habits of Mind Through Video-Based Experimentation?
Janet Bowers & Bori Mazzag, San Diego State & Humboldt State, How Can Math Departments Revise their Curricula to Best Serve Partner Disciplines?
Edward Price, CSU San Marcos, Community Transformation Through Faculty Online Learning Communities
Scott Kelley, San Diego State, From Practice to Theory: Anticipatory Learning Builds Confidence and Competence in Computational Biology
Carol Hood, Cal State San Bernardino, ISSUES-X: Investigating Student Success Using Evidence-based Strategies.​​

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