CSU Exemplars in Neuroscience


  • Cutting-edge CSU research in neuroscience
  • Best practices and lessons learned from CSU faculty res​earch
  • CSU faculty and student success stories 

Leslie Amodeo, Cal State San Bernardino, Persistent Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure on Sleep/Wake Rhythms and Neurobiology
Andrew Steele, Cal Poly Pomona, Genetic Identification of a Population of Dopamine Neurons That is Necessary for Circadian​ Food Anticipatory Activity
Ram Kandasamy; Stevan Pecic, Cal State East Bay; Cal State Fullerton, Collaborating Across two CSU Campuses to Identify New Treatments for Chronic Pain Using Medicinal Chemistry and Behavioral Neuroscience Techniques
Yada Treesukosol, Cal State Long Beach, Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Changes in Diet Preference in Female and Male Rats​