CSU Exemplars in Biology


  • Cutting-edge biology research in the CSU
  • Evolution and function of introns
  • Effects of the environment on ovarian function
  • Diversity and function of microbial communities in a wide range of environments
  • Mutations in virus's ability to replicate and survive in a competitive environment
  • Maternal and paternal genomes


Scott Roy, San Francisco State, Origins and Diversity of Introns and other Bizarre Genetic Phenomena

Kelly Young, Cal State Long Beach, Intraovarian Regulation of Photostimulated Gonadal

Gilberto Flores, CSUN, Genomic and Functional Diversity of the Human Gut Symbiont Akkermansia Muciniphila

Pleuni Pennings, San Francisco State, Fitness Costs of Mutations in Viruses

Lisa Hua, Sonoma State, The Inevitable Divorce: Segregation of Maternal and Paternal Genomes

Clinton Francis, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sensory Ecology in the Anthropocene

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