CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium

​Join over 600 participants at the annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, organized and hosted by CSUBIOTECH. More than 100 CSU faculty members and administrators design workshops, review poster abstracts, serve on award selection committees and seek speakers.​

​​​Poster ​Information

Why You Should Attend

Broaden your exposure to cutting-edge biotechnologies, product-focused innovation, and the spectrum of career paths available in the life sciences.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities and a forum to share research results and innovative curriculum redesigns.

Get rare access to CSU alumni, professionals and employers working in the biotechnology industry, as well as graduate school recruiters from top universities.

CSUBIOTECH subsidizes the travel and registration costs for CSU students and faculty.

Get Involved!

Volunteers make this event happen! Contact your campus representatives or the CSUBIOTECH program office to learn about the benefits of volunteering.