Alumni Council

As the representative voice of the CSU’s four million global alumni, the Council plays an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participating in strategic decision-making.

Members of the Alumni Council meet regularly with CSU leaders and participate on systemwide committees to ensure that alumni are represented. The Alumni Council designates a representative to the following:

  • The CSU Board of Trustees
  • The System Budget Advisory Committee
  • The California State Student Association
  • The Academic Senate of the CSU

In addition:

  • The Alumni Council president and members of the Executive Committee meet the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor to discuss CSU priorities and the Alumni Council’s efforts to promote and protect the interests of the CSU.
  • The Alumni Council president or the president’s designee is a member of the selection committee for the CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement.​

Meet the ALumni Council

The council is comprised of alumni directors and representatives from all 23 campuses and uses its combined resources to promote and engage the CSU and its alumni, advocate for the CSU and facilitate the professional development of member associations.

2022-23 Executive Committee

Jeremy Addis-Mills

Jeremy Addis-Mills
San Marcos, ’07

John Poli

John Poli 
Pomona, '93;
San Bernardino, '06

Michelle Power

Michelle Power
Immediate Past President
Chico, ‘92

Larry Adamson

Larry Adamson
Alumni Trustee
Los Angeles, ’74

Jose Solache

José Solache
Dominguez Hills, '06

Gene Detchemendy

Gene Detchemendy
Northridge, '84

Sean Connelly

Sean Connelly
Finance & Development Committee Chair
Maritime, '11

Crystal Wymer-Lucero

Crystal Wymer-Lucero
Programs Committee Chair
San Bernardino, '07

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane
Alumni Directors Representative
Humboldt, '04, '16

Alumni Cou​ncil Board Members​

Sarah Hendrick
Director, Alumni Engagement
(661) 654-3370
Judy Snyder​
Channel Islands
Amanda Carpenter
Director, Career Development and Alumni Engagement
Edith Campa

Jay Friedman
Executive Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement
(530) 898-6472
David Scotto
Dominguez Hills
Felicia V. Hernandez
Director,  Alumni Relations
(310) 243-2237
José Solache
East Bay
Travis L. Nelson
Director, Alumni Engagement
(510) 885-4836
Dr. Ronald Garcia

Jacqui K. Glasener
Executive Director, Alumni Association
(559) 278-2586
John Gomes
Bill Cole
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement
(657) 278-4733
Verne Wagner
Stephanie Lane
Director, Alumni Relations
(707) 826-5467
Dan Sealy
Long Beach
Noemi Guevara
Director, Alumni Engagement
(562) 985-7536
Marisol Barajas
Los Angeles
Maria Ubago
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
(323) 343-ALUM
Dr. Sandra Flores
Maritime Academy

Sean Connelly
Monterey Bay
Vincent LoForti
Director, Alumni and Donor Relations
(831) 582-3302
Israel Nery
Shellie Hadvina
Associate Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations
(818) 677-5541
Gene Detchemendy
Melissa Riordan
Executive Director, Alumni & External Relations
(909) 869-5010
Brenda Diederichs
Jennifer Barber
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
(916) 278-3634
Mariana Sabeniano

San Bernardino
Crystal Wymer-Lucero
Director, Alumni Relations
(909) 537-3084
Sedrick Spencer
San Diego
Stephanie Dathe
Executive Director, SDSU Alumni
(619) 594-0213
Kelly Batten
San Francisco
Nicole Lange
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations & University Engagement
(415) 405-4078
Janice Herwegh Gumas
San José
Valerie P. Gonzales 
Executive Director, Alumni Engagement
(408) 924-1148
John Gibbs
San Luis Obispo
Amanda McAdams
Executive Director, Alumni Engagement
(805) 756-5711
Kraig Scheyer
San Marcos
Lori Brockett
Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement & University Events
(760) 750-4405
Nathaniel Keifer-Wheals
Tiffany O’Neil
Senior Director, Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
(707) 664-3203
Joseph Huang
Rosalee Rush
Senior Associate Vice President Communications, Marketing & Media Relations
(209) 664-6780
Adrian Harrell

Liaisons to the CSU Alumni Council​
California State Student Association: Dixie ​Samaniego​, VP for Systemwide Affairs, CSSA​
Academic Senate CSU: Beth Steffel, Chair, ASCSU
Vice Presidents for Advancement Council: Vacant

Alumni Council Liaisons to Partners Organizations
California State Student Association: Adrian Harrell, Alumni Representative, Stanislaus State
Academic Senate CSU: José Solache, Secretary
​System Budget Advisory Committee: Gene Detchemendy, Treasurer