The CSU Nisei Diploma Project

In September 2009, the CSU Board of Trustees unanimously voted to honor the academic intentions of the estimated 250 Japanese American students who were forced to leave their CSU campus and relocated to internment camps in 1942. The Nisei Diploma Project was completed in 2010.

Scroll through to see and play videos created at CSU campuses for the CSU Nisei Diploma Project.

About the Project

"By issuing honorary degrees, we hope to achieve a small right in the face of such grave wrongs," said then-CSU Chancellor Charles Reed of the Nisei Diploma Project.

Learn About the Project's History


Find the names of dozens of former CSU students honored with degrees at Fresno State, Cal Poly SLO, San Diego State, San Francisco State and San Jose State. 

Meet the Nisei Honorees