Care Capacity

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In an effort to expand the state's medical care capacity, several campuses were identified to serve as temporary overflow care facilities. California State University San Marcos offered to make more than 1,000 beds available to ​​hospital medical personnel between two housing facilities, while the ASI Recreation Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo could house up to 931 beds and Sonoma State University's recreation center and dormitories could provide about 500 beds.

​But campuses are also dedicating space for other purposes.​ California State University, Fresno will house a temporary public health laboratory in its Jordan Agricultural Research Center to help the county expand its capacity to analyze COVID-19 tests. While the tests will still be administered elsewhere, the lab will be able to analyze 40 to 60 tests each day.

“We are pleased to be a partner with Fresno County in serving the needs of our city and region," Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro says in a press release. “While the County's Department of Public Health manages this Herculean task, we will do all we can to be helpful to them during this challenging time."

Additionally, California State University, East Bay is serving as a testing center for the city of Hayward, conducting free COVID-19 tests for anyone with symptoms or a fever over 100 degrees.

Beds set up in the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo ASI Recreation Center.