the California capitol building with the words budget news over it
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Governor’s May Revision Maintains Increase in Recurring Funding for CSU



the California capitol building with the words budget news over it

California Governor Gavin Newsom shared his May Budget Revision including proposed funding for the California State University (CSU). The May Revision maintains the same level of unallocated, recurring funding for the CSU—or $211.1 million—​that the governor had proposed in January while providing additional one-time funds for campus-specific initiatives.

"While predictable levels of funding in the future are welcome and appreciated, in light of the unprecedented surplus of state funding next year, it is disheartening to learn that the May Revision proposes no additional recurring funding for the CSU above the January budget proposal," said CSU Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester. "Time and again the CSU has proven to be one of the state’s best investments. With many economic challenges such as inflation impacting every dollar earned by our talented and dedicated faculty and staff, it is imperative that we receive additional funding to better support them and their families by providing appropriate compensation while they work to fulfill the university mission. As the budget process moves into the final stages, we will intensify efforts to work alongside our partners to ensure that our elected leaders are apprised of the university’s critical needs to ensure student achievement."​

The May Revision includes the following one-time funding proposals for the CSU:

  • $67.5 million for CSU Fullerton’s Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub. 
  • $80 million for a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) facility for the San Diego State University Imperial Valley campus.
  • $25 million for equipment and infrastructure improvements at the university farms located on the Chico, Fresno, Pomona and San Luis Obispo campuses.
  • $1.5 million for First Star Foster Youth Cohorts at the East Bay and Northridge campuses.  

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