Edward Gomez

Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design | CSU San Bernardino


Digital fabrication—in which digital technology is used to design and make artis booming, not least because it can be used to create both fine art and commercial art applications. CSU San Bernardino's​ Digital Electronic Fabrication Technology Lab provides the tools and fabrication processes so students can learn to merge traditional and digital methods for making art.

“The use of computers and computer-controlled machines does not make you a better artist or designer," says Professor Edward Gomez. “What it does allow for is a faster rate of production for the completion of creative solutions. 

"The old physical challenges that creatives had to overcome—mainly manual dexterity, [learning] skill and craftsmanship—are now replaced with the need to understand computer software applications, material properties and the manual operation of computer-controlled machines to complete the work."

“Digital fabrication allows for greater speed in the physical production of designs, but the emphasis should still be ground​ed in form, function and intent."

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