Tools of the trade

A maker's too​ls

These four gifted CSU art professors take us inside their studio to see how they create their own work and teach a new generation of artists.


We've all experienced how a beautiful piece of art or the notes of a poignant song can transport us to another realm. But how often do we consider exactly how these artworks are created? Aside from the intangibles—inspiration, practice, sleepless nights—the artist's life is also full of practical tools that help turn their vision into reality.  

At the CSU, the arts are celebrated alongside STEM courses, nursing programs and teaching credential classes. Which makes sense, since creators and makers have a huge impact on California: According to a 2019 report​ from Otis College of Art and Design, the creative sector generates 2.6 million jobs for the state and the economic output of creatives amou​nts to more than $600 billion. 

We asked four CSU faculty members who also identify as artists to pick their most essential art tools and explain how they use them in their own work and to lead the next generation of creators. Click below to meet each of these gifted creators and educators.  ​​

Eva Struble

Eva Struble​

Associate Professor, Painting and Printmaking | ​S​an Diego State

Meet Eva
Elizabeth Sellers

Elizabeth Sellers

Professor and Head, ​Media ​Composition | CSUN

Meet Elizabeth
Edward Gomez

Edward Gomez

Assistant Professor, Art and Design | CSU San Bernardino

Meet Edward
Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

Professor, Spatial Art and Art Graduate Coordinator, Department of Art and Art History | San José State

Meet Shannon