Dumke Auditorium with the copy "News Update" across it.
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CSU Board of Trustees Approves Multi-Year Tuition Proposal



Dumke Auditorium with the copy "News Update" across it.

The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees has approved a multi-year tuition proposal that will increase tuition by six percent per year for five years, and help to bring stability to the university's budget. Under the approved proposal, full-time undergraduate tuition will increase by $342 per student beginning in the 2024-25 academic year. The tuition proposal will sunset at the end of 2028-29. 

About 60 percent of CSU undergraduate students whose tuition is fully covered through grants, scholarships, waivers and other non-loan aid, will not pay the increase. Another 18 percent will have the tuition increase partially paid for through non-load aid. The tuition increase will generate $148 million in revenue in the first year (2024-25) with $49 million going toward financial aid support for students. The five years of the tuition increase will generate a total of $860 million in revenue, with a commitment of $280 million of that revenue for financial aid. 

"The revenue from the tuition increase is essential to provide the CSU with the financial stability it needs to continue to serve students today and in the future," said Steve Relyea, CSU executive vice chancellor & chief financial officer. "Coupled with an expanded financial aid structure that will look more holistically at the total cost of attendance, the CSU is committed to keeping costs as low as possible and providing support for students with the greatest financial need."​​

Tuition has only been increased once by 5 percent (or $270) in the past 12 years, while inflation grew by 39 percent. The revenue generated by the increase will help to narrow the perennial funding gap between the CSU's revenue and its costs. 

Priorities for the increased tuition revenue include:

            Increased funding for the State University Grant (SUG) program
            Academic and student services support
            Basic needs and mental health services
            Title IX implementation and ongoing costs
            Infrastructure, including new facilities and ongoing maintenance
            Compensation to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff

For more information, visit the CSU's Tuition Increase webpage​ and the CSU's Tuition & Fees webpage.

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