Robert Schug, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Criminology, Criminal Justice & Forensic Psychology
California State University, Long Beach

​A real-life criminal mind scientist, Schug focuses on understanding the relationship between extreme forms of psychopathology and antisocial, criminal and violent behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective. The neurocriminologist and clinical psychologist has pioneered an innovative approach to study etiological factors and brain functioning in multiple homicide offenders, along with the multilevel personality assessment of individuals characterized by extreme and repetitive violence. Schug has a doctorate in psychology (clinical neurosciences) along with a doctoral respecialization in clinical psychology. He has extensive clinical training as a forensic psychologist. He has authored numerous empirical articles, book chapters and a leading textbook on mental illness and crime. Schug has a private practice focusing on forensic assessment and is part of a prestigious panel of psychologists and psychiatrists for the Los Angeles Superior Court to give expert testimony in court cases. “I’m fortunate to teach and conduct research on criminology and be an actual practitioner in the criminal justice system—it’s the best of both worlds,” Schug says.

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