Letter from the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Leora Freedman Dear Friends of the California State University,

The California State University is committed to advancing and extending knowledge, learning and culture, and to giving each and every one of our students the opportunity to develop intellectually, personally and professionally. Our faculty and staff are the heart and soul of the CSU and we are so grateful for their contributions, dedication and passion.

This annual Employee Profile provides a snapshot of current statistics on our diverse workforce, including faculty, staff and student workers. It also highlights photography from our campuses and showcases some of the talented employees who’ve made significant impacts on their universities and local communities.

As a national leader in higher education, we strive to attract, develop and retain a high-performing and inclusive workforce reflective of our student body and today’s global work environment. The diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences of our faculty and staff foster a transformative educational experience that provides our students essential skills for lifelong success in problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning, communication and cultural competence.

Collectively, we share the CSU spirit and commitment to our student’s success. This publication demonstrates the power of the CSU’s greatest strength—our people. Rich in stories and information, I hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Warm Regards,

Leora Freedman Signature 

Leora Freedman
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources​​