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Technical Notes and Glossary

This reference booklet contains Fall 2022 snapshot information on employees at all 23 universities and the Chancellor’s Office.

  • All tables and charts in the Employee Profile exclude student employees (unless otherwise noted), other intermittent or casual employees, and faculty teaching in extension, special sessions and summer sessions.
  • Employees are included regardless of the source of funds used to pay their salaries.
  • Beginning in 2020, we use Employee Group to replace Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) as it aligns with CSU’s reporting practices. As a result, data for these groups cannot be directly compared to previous Employee Profiles.
  • Data presented in this report were obtained from the annual systemwide IPEDS-HR extract, from campus HR databases in PeopleSoft, and from the annual Faculty Recruitment and Retention Survey.
  • Percentages referenced throughout report may not add up to 100 percent because of rounding.


Academic Student Employee

Employees whose primary appointment is as a teaching associate, graduate assistant or instructional student assistant.

Executives & Management

Chancellor's Office executives, campus presidents, and all Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees.


Individuals employed "100% time"; includes full-time employees on leave with pay.

Instructional Faculty

All regular instructional faculty, including department chairs and lecturers. Excludes librarians, coaches, and counselors. Also excludes extension or summer session faculty.


Includes all instructional faculty with temporary appointments (non-tenure track).

Non-Instructional Faculty

Librarians, coaches and counselors.

Non-Represented Student Employees

Student employees who are not represented by a labor union.


Includes employees whose assignments at a given campus are less than 100% time. Individuals employed simultaneously at two universities are counted as two employees.

Probationary Faculty

Tenure-track faculty employees who have not been awarded tenure. Includes individuals serving a "terminal" year.

Represented Student Employees

Academic student employees represented by UAW. Reported following IPEDS guidelines.


Employees with a primary appointment other than faculty or student employee. Excludes executives and management.

Tenured Faculty

Tenure-track faculty employees who have been awarded tenure.

Questions about the data in the Employee Profile should be directed to: hradmin@calstate.edu.