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Technical Notes and Glossary

This reference booklet contains Fall 2021 snapshot information on employees at all 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s Office.
  • All tables and charts in the Employee Profile exclude student employees (unless otherwise noted), other intermittent or casual employees, and faculty teaching in extension, special sessions and summer sessions.
  • Employees are included regardless of the source of funds used to pay their salaries.
  • Beginning in 2020, we use Employee Group replaces Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) as it aligns with the CSU’s reporting practices. As a result, data for these groups cannot be compared to previous Employee Profiles.
  • Data presented in this report were obtained from the annual systemwide IPEDS-HR extract, from the campus HR databases in PeopleSoft, and from the annual Faculty Recruitment and Retention Survey.
  • Percentages referenced throughout the report may not add up to 100 because of rounding.
​Academic Student Employ​ee​
​Employees whose primary appointment is as a teaching associate, graduate assistant or instructional student assistant.
Executives and Management
Chancellor's Office executives, campus presidents and all Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees.
​Individauls employed 100 percent of the time; includes full-time employees on leave with pay.
Instructional Faculty
​All regular instructional faculty, including department chairs and lecturers. Excludes librarians, coaches and counselors. Also excludes extension or summer session faculty.

Includes all instructional faculty with temporary appointments (non-tenure track).
​Non-Instructional Faculty
​​Librarians, coaches and counselors.
Non-Represented Student Employees

Student employees who are not represented by a labor union.
​Includes employees whose assignments at a given campus are less than 100 percent of time. Individuals employed simultaneously at two campuses are counted as two employees.
Probationary Faculty
​Tenure-track faculty employees who have not been awarded tenure. Includes individuals serving a "terminal" year.
Represented Student Employees
Teaching associates (TA), graduate assistants (GA) and instructional student assistants (ISA) who are represented by UAW.
Employees with a primary appointment other than faculty or student employee. Excludes executive and management.
​Tenured Faculty
​Tenure-track faculty employees who have been awarded tenure.

Questions about the data in the Employee Profile should be directed to: hradmin@calstate.edu.