Anthony Villareal

Ph.D. Candidate, Education
San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rafaela M. Santa Cruz, San Diego State University

M.A. School Counseling
Lewis & Clark College

B.A. Communication
Portland State University

​Anthony Villarreal’s research focuses on the factors that influence college access, persistence and completion in new Latinx destinations. He presented his research findings at the American Educational Research Association conference (AERA) in New York City. His travel and his mentors’ travel was funded by the CDIP Travel Grant available to scholars and their mentors. This study, funded by the CDIP Mini-Grant program, was a qualitative inquiry of 15 interviews with successful college graduates who completed their K-12 and college education in new Latinx destinations to illuminate the cultural assets that students possess utilizing Yosso’s (2005) community cultural wealth framework. He spoke to CDIP about his doctoral journey.
What motivated you to pursue a doctoral degree? 
Helping other Latinx students in pursuit of post-secondary education by acknowledging the array of knowledge they have within their Latinx community.
Describe how CDIP is helping you with your education and professional goals?
It has helped me present my research at high-stakes higher education conferences and network with others for the purpose of career possibilities.
Tell us about your favorite part of CDIP.
My favorite part is seeing CDIP representatives at conferences I'm presenting at. They are a big part of my support in pursuit of a doctoral degree.
How did you use your loan and/or grant(s)?
I used it to further my research, support my pilot study, publications, present at education conferences, and pay my tuition.
What advice would you give to a new CDIP Scholar?
Get to know the CDIP representatives at your university and conferences. They are supportive of your career and personal goals.
Please provide a quote that describes what you are most passionate about in your work.
“Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.”
–Cesar Chavez