Mini-Grant Awardees

Adriana Weathersby
Research Project: Professional Development For a New Graduate Student 2021
Grant Funding: $ 1,920.89

Jesse Enriquez
Research Project: Exploring Transfer: A Case Study Analysis of Students of Color at a Selective Research University
Grant Funding: $ 1,539.98

Angela Wootton
Research Project: LGBTQ community connection during the COVID-19 pandemic
Grant Funding: $ 916.00 

Gloriana Lopez
Research Project: The Lived Experiences of Latinx LGBTQ Young Adults Related to Campus Climate and Online Spaces
Grant Funding: $ 1,646.00 

Jeanette Zambrano
Research Project: Developing Culturally-Relevant, Autonomy-Supportive Teacher Training Materials: A Pilot Study in an Urban Middle School
Grant Funding: $ 1,853.20 

Audrey Paredes
Research Project: N/A
Grant Funding: $ 2,500.00 

Elizabeth Bogumil
Research Project: Mutual Aid & Social Support in the Time of COVID-19: An (anti) Organizational Ethnography
Grant Funding: $ 1,110.14 

Amanda Carbajal
Research Project: Identifying and characterizing novel prion-amyloids in cyanobacterial species as hidden evolutionary capacitors
Grant Funding: $ 1,797.70 

Valerie Gomez
Research Project: Salvadoran American Students in Higher Education
Grant Funding: $ 1,406.00 

Halima Kazem
Research Project: Feminist Dissertation and Documentary Film
Grant Funding: $ 1,300.00

Kheng Ly-Hoang
Research Project: Designing and Operationalizing an Early Childhood Inquiry-Based STEM Educational Model: Toward Equitable Learning Through a Transformative Paradigm
Grant Funding: $ 1,499.60 

Pauline Muljana
Research Project: Analyzing Student Self-Regulated Learning Processes Captured from Social Media
Grant Funding: $ 969.94 

Richard Burton
Research Project: Funding for YouTube Video Research Project to Teach Nursing Skills
Grant Funding: $ 1,067.60 

Alicia Herrera
Research Project: White Elementary Teachers, Predominantly White Students: Antiracist teacher disposition development in White contexts
Grant Funding: $ 1,559.31 

Ruby Osoria
Research Project: Exposure, Development, and Growth: Emerging Chicana Scholar Navigating the 3rd Year of the Doctoral Program
Grant Funding: $ 1,467.61 

Sara Bartlett
Research Project: LCSW
Grant Funding: $ 566.00 

Theodore Harrison
Research Project: N/A
Grant Funding: $ 1,311.00 

Dean Rivera
Research Project: Exploring women’s mandated SUD treatment challenges from clinician and administrator perspectives: A qualitative research study
Grant Funding: $ 1,462.73

Noemi Linares-Ramirez
Research Project: School to STEM Corporate Pipeline: Examining Middle School Students’ Experiences with an Industry-Sponsored Computer Science Program
Grant Funding: $ 1,000.00 

Alyssa Dye
Research Project: A Content Analysis of Parenting Books
Grant Funding: $ 1,069.43 

Lorena Camargo Gonzalez
Research Project: Hickory Dickory Dock, The Racism Will Never Stop: A Critical Race Examination of Latina/o/x Children’s Literature (1960-1985)
Grant Funding: $ 2,500.00 

Brianna Ramirez
Research Project: A Critical Race Feminista Case Study: Chicana/Latina Mujeres en la Travesía a la Universidad
Grant Funding: $ 1,669.32