Academic Project:

Approval Process

The following process has been established to allow for maximum flexibility while providing relevant feedback to campuses on projects below $40 million.

The main components of delegated approval are:

E1. Submitting a proposed project for delegated approval

The campus-assigned CPDC associate university planner is the main contact for processing items for delegated approval. In addition to a project narrative (CPDC 1-4) and budget (CPDC 2-7), submittal of a proposed project for approval should include a Delegated Approval Agenda Item. 

The information provided in a CPDC 1-4 and CPDC 2-7 is used to create a brief summary of the project to be included in the agenda item. Even thought the item is not going to be presented to the trustees, the agenda item serves as a record of the project being approved.

E2. CPDC Review

The CPDC Planner will review the submitted documentation and work with the campus to assure all information has been provided. Once all requirements have been satisfied, CPDC will issue an approval letter to the campus president, along with a copy of the finalized delegated approval agenda item, including resolutions, and CPDC 2-7.

E3. Additional Approvals

Once the project is approved by the trustees, the campus can proceed with the design phase. The Capital Outlay Transmittal Sheet lists the remaining project submittals to CPDC, most notably the 75% Schematic Design.