Academic Project:

Approval Process

E1. Submitting a proposed project for BOT approval

The campus-assigned CPDC university planner is the main contact for processing items for BOT approval. A COBCP for an academic project is reviewed by appropriate divisions within the Chancellor's Office before presentation to the Board of Trustees, recommending that the capital outlay proposal be approved as a part of the budget year capital outlay program. In addition to a project narrative (CPDC 1-4) and budget (CPDC 2-7), submittal of a proposed project for BOT approval should include the following items:

BOT Agenda Item: The information provided in a CPDC 1-4 and CPDC 2-7 is used to create a brief summary of the project to be included in the trustee agenda packet.

Question and Answer Sheet: Information not provided in the BOT Agenda Item but may prove useful in explaining the project should be included in the form of a Question and Answer document.

Business Disclosures: The campus is to prepare Business Disclosures for the trustees. This will help identify any potential conflicts of interest on items presented to the board. Any project with identified business participant (e.g., developer, architect, engineer, contractor) onboard must be noted, including:

  • Firm name & managing principals
  • Construction company & company leadership
  • Headquarters location(s)
  • Public (shareholders) vs. privately held

E2. BOT Meetings

The Board of Trustees meet six times a year—January, March, May, July, September, and November. Meetings are typically scheduled for two days. Items related to capital outlay are presented during the Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds. Agendas for trustee meetings (including the schedule of committee meetings) are posted ten days in advance of the meeting on the BOT website .

Resolutions of items approved by the trustees are available on the BOT website​.

E3. Additional Approvals

Once the project is approved by the trustees, the campus can proceed with the design phase. The Major Capital Outlay Transmittal Sheet lists the remaining project submittals to CPDC, most notably the 75% Schematic Design.