Academic Project:

Construction Manager Contract Procurement Construction


Once Trustees and the CM have agreed upon a GMP, the Trustees will award a construction agreement to the CM incorporating the Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions.

Preconstruction Conference:

The Trustees’ construction administrator and the CM shall co-conduct a preconstruction conference with the trade contractors, design personnel, and other appropriate Trustees’ staff. The CM preconstruction conference services include preparation of meeting agenda, preparation of job procedures for clarifications, change orders, shop drawings, progress payments, field testing and inspection, safety, and preparation and distribution of preconstruction conference notes.

Trade Contractor Contracts:

After reaching agreement with the Trustees on a GMP, and the construction contract between the CM and the Trustees is fully executed, the CM shall enter into contracts for the construction phase with the successful subcontractors in each trade.

Refer to Stage 5, Construction, for additional information on the Construction Phase.

  • RFP for Construction Manager Services at Risk with GMP
  • Public Contract Code section 10820