Request for Qualifications & Request for Proposals 


For TOCA projects, CPDC staff have provided a contractor selection process with template documents for campus use, this process entails:

  1. The campus advertising and issuing a Request for Qualifications, from which respondents submit Statements of Qualifications (SOQ). All respondents to the Request for Qualifications must prequalify with the Trustees' Prequalification Coordinator, and submit a copy of their prequalification letter as part of the SOQ. The pre-appointed selection committee members review and score the SOQ. This review committee should not exceed 6 or 7 members, with an emphasis on design and construction expertise. Each member of the selection committee should be assigned a section of the SOQ to become an expert on and report their findings for that section to the committee. The selection committee discusses all sections in turn and arrives at a consensus score for each section, and the SOQ as a whole. During the SOQ phase the emphasis is on picking the best companies for the project.
  2. The top four scoring candidates move on to the Request for Proposals process, and submit a technical and fee proposal for the work. The selection committee members should be the same for the SOQ and RFP phases. Each member of the selection committee should be assigned a section of the RFP to become an expert on and report their findings for that section to the committee. The selection committee should discuss all sections in turn and arrive at a consensus score for each section and the RFP as a whole. During the RFP phase the emphasis is on picking the best teams for the project. After the fee proposals are opened and entered into the bid abstracts, the proposer with the highest overall score is selected and awarded a Master Enabling agreement is executed. All persons on a selection committee shall sign a Conflict of Interest Form.


Forms & Templates

Proposal Packages and Addenda


Bid proposal packages include: 

  • Form 700.04 - Notice to Contractors, 
  • Form 700.05 - Bid Proposal Form, 
  • Form 702.03 - Certification, 
  • Form 701.06 - Bid Proposal Form Signature Page, 
  • Form 702.09A - Bidders Bond-702.09A (required for the construction agreement only. not for the MEA),
  • Form 701.05 - Noncollusion Declaration, 
  • Form 701.09 - Small Business Preference, 
  • Form 701.08 - Certificate of Appropriate License, DIR Public Wks. Reg. and CA Company, 

DB / CM shall not list subcontractors when submitting its proposal.  When Design-Assist/Build contractors are given a Phase 2 construction agreement, or when a subcontract is awarded as a part of the Phase 2 construction agreement then the DB / CM shall list the subcontractor, which shall then be subject to PCC 4100 rights.  Contractor shall include the appropriate subcontractor listing document from the list below:

Confirm Proposer License/DIR Reg:  Bid proposal packages are assembled and numbered by the campus bidding office. Prior to issuing a bid proposal package, the Campus bidding office must confirm that bidder is registered with DIR to bid public works projects, appropriately licensed by CSLB, and prequalified with CSU. The campus confirms bidder's prequalification status during the RFQ process, therefore, campus may then issue a fee proposal package to the shortlisted proposer. Campus shall not post fee proposal packages online without the "Sample" overlay on the bid proposal form.

Addenda:  If necessary Construction Administrator must issue an addendum to address any deficiency in the bid documents. If addendum contains material changes, it must be distributed not later than 72 hours prior to bid by law, and by policy, 5 working days.


Forms & Templates: 

  • Contractor's prequalification approval letter is generated by PlanetBids Prequalification Module database, once contractor's application is approved by the Chancellor's Office Prequalification Coordinator. Contractor has access to download letter and send to campus as evidence of its prequalification status.