Moving Furniture into Building / Examples of Prevailing Wage, or Not


Moving services: the transportation of furniture and other goods from one location to another done with state money over $1,000, and not involved with any other contract, is not subject to prevailing wage. See examples below: 

1) CSU: Company A disassembles modular office system furniture and stacks it, Company B moves the modular furniture to a different location and stacks it for storage. DIR: Company A work is subject to prevailing wage, and moving Company B work is not. 

2) CSU: Company A disassembles modular office systems furniture and stacks it, Company B moves it to a new location and stacks it, and Company A reassembles it (Company A under one contract to CSU and Company B under separate contract to the owner). Company A is subject to Prevailing wage and Company B is not. DIR: Two separate contracts…Company B would not be subject to public works statutes. 

3) CSU: Company A disassembles the furniture, moves it, and then reassembles it. Is all of the work subject to prevailing wage, as the moving portion is part of the same contract as the assembly and disassembly, and integral to the flow of the work? DIR: Yes, and the entire process would be subject to the public works statutes.

  • Labor Code section 1720 et seq.