Capital and Infrastructure Improvements:

Design Development Phase

Design Development (Preliminary Design)


the Design Development Phase (previously referred to as Preliminary Design) follows the approval of the schematic design by CPDC / Board of Trustees and the campus. The phase cannot begin until Schematic Design has been approved and written authorization to proceed has been issued by the campus.

The emphasis of the phase is on developing the more technical issues of the project such as actual products, assembly of systems, and further coordination of disciplines while addressing any items brought forward during the schematic design approval process. The documents confirm or adjust, as required, all aspects of the schematic plans and revise cost information to reflect the more detailed development.

Information presented in various deliverables need to be organized and easily followed. Refer to Exhibit D, California State University Procedure Guide for Capital Projects, for the minimum requirements for Design Development documents.

Campus designated staff shall attend all meetings to insure campus representation and provide guidance to Design team per previsions of the contract.

The construction manager (CM) shall check the documents for completeness, coordination, ambiguities, ability to bid, and make recommendations to the Architect and the Trustees. in addition to providing constructability reviews continuously, at 100% DDs, the CM shall issue a constructability​ report and a complete construction cost estimate.

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