CSU Total Compensation

The Total Compensation Calculator demonstrates the significance of your CSU benefits package, and how it is an important complement to your salary. To see the total value of your benefits, simply choose the appropriate answers for your situation, fill-in your annual base salary, and press the "Calculate" button.

Determine the approximate value of your total compensation.

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University (Employer) Contributions


Total of Salary and Employer-Paid Benefits


Paid Time Off Benefits


Paid time off benefits

  • Up to 24 vacation days per year (based on employee group and/or service)
  • 15 paid holidays per year
  • 12 sick days per year, with unlimited accrual
  • Parental leave (based on employee group) 
  • Organ Donor Leave
  • Jury Duty

Calculations are based on employer benefit contributions specific to the employee group you selected. You must meet the benefits eligibility criteria in order to participate in most benefit programs. The approximate value of your total compensation is calculated based on the benefit contributions for 2024. Please note CalPERS reportable compensation is subject to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) pension limit which is $345,000 for 2024 for members who are deemed as "Classic" and $151,446 for members who are subject to the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) who are subject to Social Security and up to $181,734 for employees who are not subject to Social Security withholding. The Social Security salary limit is $168,600 for 2024.

The following list of benefits and services, as well as those listed above, make up the CSU comprehensive benefits package.    

CSU Benefits

  • An array of health plans that include prescription drug coverage
  • Your choice of dental plans
  • Vision coverage
  • Income protection benefits including life insurance and disability
  • CalPERS retirement
  • Investment options for future financial security (CSU Supplemental Retirement Plan 403(b), Roth, 457 and 401(k) offered through SavingsPlus)
  • Pre-tax health and dependent care reimbursement accounts
  • Pre-tax parking deduction plan
  • FlexCash
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Other benefits and services

  • CalPERS Long Term Care
  • Fee Waiver Program
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Auto, Home and Renter Insurance
  • Legal Insurance
  • Childcare Discount
  • Pet Insurance
  • Auto/home owners insurance
  • Credit union services

If there is a difference between your understanding of your benefit plans and the calculator, please contact your campus benefits representative. The official plan documents govern.

Rates as of: 1Medical - 01/01/2024 ;2 Dental - 01/01/2021; 3 Vision - 01/01/2024; 4 Retirement - 01/01/2023;5 CSU Paid Life and ADD - 01/01/2024; 6 CSU Paid LTD - 01/01/2024