Resources for Auxiliaries

This is where you'll find operating agreements and agreement templates--documents designed to help guide our auxiliary organizations as to compliance, sound business practices and other procedures.​

Auxiliary Operating Agreement Models
Document Submission

New Auxiliaries

The university president should send an initial letter to the chancellor requesting to form a new auxiliary organization. The chancellor will provide a conditional approval to allow the university to prepare official formation documents. Once the official documents are avaialble, the university president should send a final request to recognize the auxiliary organization, accompanyed by executed official documents filed and stamped with the seal of the Secretary of State as required. The chancellor will respond with a letter confirming the status as a recognized CSU auxiliary organization in good standing.​

Official required documents:​

    • ​Articles of Incorporation
    • Bylaws
    • Tax-exempt determination letter
    • Charitable organization status letter
NOTE: To obtain the final approval from the Chancellor's Office for your operating agreement signature page, use your campus' electronic signature software, making sure the designated signer's email address is set to compliance@calstate.edu​.​
Existing and Current Auxiliaries

The following forms are required for all auxiliaries in good standing:

1. Operating agreement (renewals or revisions) and attachments:
    • ​​Attachment 1: Auxiliary's conflict of interest policy
    • Attachment 2: Auxiliary's statement of policy on accumulation and use of public relations funds
    • Attachment 3: Articles of incorporation/restatement of articles
    • Attachment 4: Administration of Grants and Contracts (Auxiliary organizations that accept externally-funded grants, contracts or other agreements and list "Externally Funded Projects Including Research, Workshops, Conferences and Institutes" as one of their functions must provide this attachment.)​​
​2. Bylaws

3. Articles of Incorporation
Submit all documents to:
Brad Wells
Associate Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance
CSU Office of the Chancellor
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802


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