Integrated Internal Communications

The CSU’s Integrated Internal Communications department tells the story of the CSU through feature stories, pride points and current information that is integrated into messaging to the university community.

The Integrated Internal Communications department comprises feature writers and editors who produce stories and share information through CSU Leader, CO In the Know and a variety of reports and publications. The department also collaborates with subject matter experts across the Chancellor’s Office in developing, implementing and assessing content strategy and coverage of CSU priorities, advocacy efforts and trending topics.

What We ​Do

  • CSU Leader​, a biweekly newsletter offering feature stories as well as timely and concise briefings on news related to the CSU system and its universities.
  • CO In​ the Know​, a weekly internal newsletter for Chancellor’s Office employees that provides up-to-date information as well as feature stories about both Chancellor’s Office and CSU systemwide news.
  • Reports and publications that convey important information and strategic messaging about the CSU system.