About Us

The Audit and Advisory Services team assists campuses and the Chancellor's Office in mitigating risk and making the CSU system more efficient.

Mission & Goals

Through a systematic approach, Audit and Advisory Services evaluates and improves the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

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Statement of Purpose

This statement outlines the responsibilities of the Audit and Advisory Services team.

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Staff Directory

Organizational Chart (PDF)

Department Number: ​(562) 951-4430​

Vice Chancellor and Chief Audit Officer​
Vlad Marinescu​​
Vice Chancellor and Chief Audit Officer(562) 951-4430
Alina TinocoExecutive Assistant​
(562) 951-4447
Sarah VagtsChief of Staff(562) 951-4441
Robin JonesSenior Report Manager
(562) 951-4430

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Wendee Shinsato
Assistant Vice Chancellor
(562) 951-4438
​​Campus Audits Teams
Campus Assignments: Chancellor’s Office, Channel Islands, Chico, Pomona, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Stanislaus
​​​Kyle Ishii
Audit Manager
(562) 951-4527
Marcos ChagollanSenior Auditor
(562) 951-4437
​Cinthia Santamaria
​​Senior Auditor​
​(562) 951-4290
Jamarr JohnsonSenior Construction Auditor
(562) 951-4450
​Rita Guy​Internal Auditor​(562) 951-4527
​​​Janaki Nakum
Internal Auditor​​(562) 951-4445
Campus Assignments: Bakersfield, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, San Marcos, Sonoma
​​ Hannah Gardener ​Audit Manager
​(562) 951-4576​
Alexandra Gonzalez​​​
Senior Auditor
(562) 951-4457
​​​Jesse Santos​
Internal Auditor
​(562) 951-4673
Matthew ShumInternal Auditor
​(562) 951-4448
Campus Assignments: Dominguez Hills, Humboldt, Long Beach, Maritime Academy, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Sacramento, San Bernardino
Christina ChenAudit Manager
(562) 951-4429
​Brenda Auner
Senior Auditor​
​(562) 951-4553
Stephanie MartinelliSenior Auditor
(562) 951-4452
​​​Laura VazquezSenior Auditor(562) 951-4433
​​​Daniel Rosales
​Internal Auditor​(562) 951-4439
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advisory Services and Special Programs
Mike CalderaAsst. Vice Chancellor, Advisory Services & Special Programs(562) 951-4430
​​​Data Analytics
​​Caroline LeeSenior Audit Manager, Data Analytics​(562) 951-4449​
​​Kelly ChenSenior Data Analytics Auditor​(562) 951-4404​
Ernesto PangilinanSenior Data Analytics Auditor
(562) 951-4446
​​​Advisory Services
Dane MacDonaldAdvisory Services Manager(562) 951-4434
Dominick OwensSenior Advisory Services Consultant(562) 951-4451
​Christina Fennell
​Senior Advisory Services Consultant
​(562) 951-4528
Elston Wyatt
Senior Advisory Services Consultant​
(562) 951-4472
Information Technology
​​​ David WhiteIT Audit Manager​
(562) 951-4453​
Clement ChenSenior Information Technology Auditor(562) 951-4436
​​​Danielle Perry Senior Information Technology Audit​or​​(562) 951-4493
​​​Investigations and Intergovernmental Audits
Jennifer Rethwisch​Senior Manager, Special Projects and Audit Operations​​
(562) 951-4432​
​​ Sharon Best
Manager of Investigations(562) 951-4505