Campus Costs of Attendance

​​All students enrolled at a CSU campus pay the same systemwide tuition fee, which is currently $5,742 per academic year for undergraduate students enrolling in more than six units per term and $3,330 for undergraduates enrolling in six or fewer units.​​​

The 2022-23 tuition fee for students enrolled in a postbaccalaureate teacher preparation program for a multiple subject, single subject, or special education credential is $6,660 for students enrolled in more than six units and $3,864 for students taking six or fewer units.

Students enrolled in a graduate or another postbaccalaureate program will pay a tuition fee of $7,176 for more than six units and $4,164 for six or fewer units.

Every CSU campus also has mandatory fees that all students must pay; these vary by campus. The fee information in the charts here reflects the combined total of systemwide and campus fees for undergraduates.

You can view the preliminary 2023-24 Cost of Attendance (PDF​)​ for all CSU campuses. To​ view the most up-to-date Cost of Attendance, visit your CSU campus website.

Choose a campus to see its preliminary cost of attendance, including a breakdown of fees, books, course materials, supplies, and equipment, living expenses (depending on where you’re living), transportation, and other expenses. To view the most up-to-date Cost of Attendance, visit your CSU campus website.​

​​If You’re Not Eligible for In-Stat​e Tuition

Some students are required to pay nonresident tuition in addition to the $5,742 base tuition and campus fees.
Generally, students from another state or U.S. Possession or a foreign country are required to pay nonresident
tuition. The nonresident tuition is currently assessed at the rate of $396 per semester unit or $264 per quarter unit.

There are some cases where a student may be eligible for a waiver of nonresident tuition. For more information,

Students who qualify for AB540/AB2000 may find additional information in Resources for Undocumented Students.​​

How Costs of Attendance Are Calculated

For financial aid reasons, campuses must establish standard student budgets. Allowances for expenses other than
tuition and fees are based largely on statewide survey data about the average expenses of students in California and
information on the local or regional costs in the area served by particular campuses.​