Building California’s Brightest Future

In March 2020, Californians will go to the polls to vote on funding our state’s public education system: preschool, K-12, and colleges. If approved, this $15 billion general obligation bond measure would provide resources for improving seismic safety of buildings, address deferred maintenance issues and expand the physical capacity of facilities to serve California students.

Of the $15 billion allocated by the bond act, $2 billion is earmarked for the California State University, benefiting each of the CSU’s 23 campuses across the state. This represents part of a multi-pronged approach to financing the CSU’s facility needs. ​If the bond is not approved, financing of many of the facilities and deferred maintenance needs would be drawn from already strained operating funds.

As a reminder, California law prohibits the use of public resources for campaign activity. However, public agencies, including the CSU, are permitted to provide written or oral information about a ballot proposition that is factual and moderate in tone, such as the information contained on this page. For more information about these restrictions see the Handbook of Election Issues.

Academic and Facility Needs

On March 3, 2020, Californians will vote on Proposition 13 (the Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020). If approved, the $15 billion school bond would allocate a portion of those funds for maintenance and construction at public universities and colleges. The 23 CSU campuses would receive $2 billion for academic and facility needs, giving the students of the CSU—those aspiring minds who will create and drive the state’s future—even better places to learn.

Information about how each campus would use its portion of those funds if the bond is approved is included.


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