CSU Federal Relations

Federal Relations

The CSU Office of Federal Relations works in Washington, D.C., to advance the interests of the nation’s largest and most diverse university. The OFR serves as a resource to Washington-based policymakers, including the California Congressional delegation as well as to educational associations, media, and Federal agencies. The OFR also leads system efforts each year to formulate and coordinate the federal priorities of the CSU’s 23 Universities every Congress.

2023-24 CSU System Priorities

The 23-campus CSU system consistently provides an outstanding return on federal investments in its students, institutions and research.​​​

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California Congressional Delegation

See committee assignments, campuses served and alumni status of the state’s 54-member delegation.​​​​

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About Fede​ral Relations

Meet the Washington, D.C.-based staff of CSU's Office of Federal Relations.​

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Campus L​egislative Liaisons​​

Every CSU campus designates an individual to act as the representative for the campus to the Congress and Congressional staff.

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Lobbying D​​isclosure and Ethics

As an entity that employs federal lobbyists, the CSU and its employees are subject to restrictions when working with members of Congress and Congressional staff.​

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