Forest Stearns
Forest Stearns
Creative Innovation Consultant and Artist in Residence co-founder, Google AI Quantum Project

Humboldt State
B.A., Art (2005)​

  • Built his moniker of DRAWEVERYWHERE from student artist into a full-fledged illustration studio and began producing artist in residence programs, connecting artists to the world of science and technology.
  • The DRAWEVERYWHERE imprint is evident through commissions by companies like Apple, Adobe, Deviant Art, Netflix, and Google.
  • The first art show in space was created under his art direction at aerospace firm Planet Labs. He created large-scale graphic paintings and helped engineer the process to laser etch each piece onto 350 satellites launched into Earth's orbit.
  • At Google AI Quantum, serves as principal artist where he creates paintings that wrap the individual quantum computers and adorn the quantum data center.
  • His artistic productions are diverse but always align with the constant practice to DRAWEVERYWHERE. For more, see his TEDx talk “Space Art Dream Remix." ​

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