Ginger Shaw

Honorary Degrees

​​Ginger Shaw​​

California State University San Marcos​

Ginger Shaw is a renowned community organizer and legislative advocate who has worked tirelessly to end human trafficking.

A graduate of California State University, Northridge, Ms. Shaw is the vice chair of the San Diego Regional Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Advisory Council, connecting and engaging civic, service, nonprofit and faith-based organizations in the fight against human trafficking.

Ms. Shaw has also served as a board member for CAS Research and Education, the charitable affiliate of California Against Slavery. CAS Research and Education works to protect people from being victimized through hu​man trafficking and exploitation, and Ms. Shaw uses her years of experience as a community organizer and legislative advocate to strengthen California state laws to protect human trafficking victims.

As the founder and director of Free Them Road, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking, Ms. Shaw has helped build a network of advocates. The group lobbies for stronger legislation and supports survivor-service organizations.

Ms. Shaw’s experience includes five years as a volunteer field representative for World Concern, an international humanitarian organization in human rights advocacy, education and economic development for women and children at risk around the world. She has made numerous overseas trips – covering Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Laos and Thailand – to support national workers through communication, training and leadership development. As a member of World Concern, Shaw saw first hand the difference even a small amount of aid can make in the life of a child or family.

In recognition of the extraordinary impact of her achievements, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and California State University San Marcos are proud to confer upon Ms. Ginger Shaw the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.