Jeff Van Harte

Honorary Degrees

California State University, Fullerton

Jeff Van Harte has worked for more than 30 years to distinguish himself in the financial investments and securities industry. As a dedicated and proud Titan, Mr. Van Harte has used his success to support and mentor the students of California State University, Fullerton to ensure they are as prepared for the workforce as he was after graduation.  

Mr. Van Harte is the unique all-campus donor that is a fervent advocate of a wide variety of high-impact programs that transform every college on campus and every community in the region.  

Although he lives in the San Francisco Bay area, he returns to campus regularly to mentor students not only in the College of Business and Economics but   other Titans as well — from student-athletes to faculty and staff. It is common to see Mr. Van Harte lecturing students in the classroom, providing one-on-one mentorship, rooting for students at competitions and supporting faculty research efforts.  

He serves on a variety of boards on campus, including the President’s Roundtable and the College of Business and Economics Dean’s Advisory Board. Mr. Van Harte has also served for more than a decade on the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation Board of Governors, including as the chair of the board and the chair of the Finance and Investment Committee. 

Mr. Van Harte is a fierce advocate for public universities as an essential part of addressing economic disparities and serving as a catalyst to better communities. He is on a mission to emphasize the importance of giving to public institutions like Cal State Fullerton. 

In addition to his support for the College of Business and Economics, he has supported and been an advocate for several programs around campus, including the Center for Oral and Public History, Center for Health Neighborhoods, Center for Sports Performance, Grand Central Art Center and countless programs and departments within the College Business and Economics. Mr. Van Harte is a generous philanthropist to Cal State Fullerton.    

In recognition of his role as a fervent volunteer, a committed advocate for the importance of investing in public higher education and as a nontraditional educator dedicating his time and resources to prepare a diverse graduate population for tomorrow’s workforce, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and California State University, Fullerton are proud to confer upon Jeff Van Harte the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.