Institutional Research & Analyses

Institutional Research & Analyses

Institutional Research and Analyses (IR&A) sits within the division of Academic and Student Affairs and serves as a resource for the entire California State University community. We provide information, research, analytical services and data analysis that support evidence-based decision making, strategic planning and management of statistical and historical student data records at the CSU.

Data Dashboards

The dashboards provide application and admission data for undergraduate and graduate students who applied to the California State University.

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Reports & Analytics

This section has Fall and College Year Statistical reports featuring data about student applications, enrollment and completion.

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Data Insights

High-quality data is one of the best ways to understand the impact, diversity and complexity of the CSU, as well as how we're achieving our goals for student success and more.

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Here you'll find shortcuts to the glossary page, enrollment reports, Reports & Analytics page, college-year reports, etc.

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About IR&A

Meet the staff of Institutional Research & Analyses at the Chancellor's Office and at our campuses and learn about our department's mission and vision. 

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Data Management

This resource--specifically for CSU staff--outlines reporting specifications and resources for CSU campuses.

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